Got Mobsters?

I have finally joined the MySpace gaming hype.

Yes, I have Mobsters and Mafia Wars. I also have an Own Your Friends application on MYspace. So if you do also, feel free to join me.  🙂

The thing is, nobody tells you that it is addictive. Yeah, that’s right, I should have taken a shower, be cleaning my house, doing laundry, at the beach or going to bed at a decent time. But instead, I am online playing Mafia Wars and Mobsters. There is this need to get to the next level, so you can increase your energy, stamina, health, strength or defense. You only get between 3 and 5 points to choose to increase by. And increasing your stamina costs you 2 of those points, if you choose to increase your stamina. I keep telling myself, it will only be a few more minutes before I can fight again, a few more seconds and then I will have enough energy to do one last mission. But it goes on and on. Because then you have enough money to buy some equipment or property. And then you decide Fuck it, I will spend some money at the hospital and just use up the rest of the stamina, because it will regenerate overnight. Next thing you know, it is 2:30 a.m. So then you go to bed and wake up like it is Christmas morning. The alarm goes off and I shut it off, so not to wake anybody. Of course, my husband is already awake. He gets up before the birds do. But the kids are still sleeping. So I go to the bathroom and then down the stairs into the kitchen for a nice big mug for coffee. While I am getting my coffee, the computer is starting. By the time I sit down, the computer is ready. I can’t wait to see how much money I got overnight and also don’t want to see how much people took while I was sleeping.

And then, it begins again. I will just do some missions and fight until I have no stamina. Wait, I have to put my money in the bank. Oh in 10 minutes I will have some more money from my propertie’s cash flow. I minus well go to the hospital and fight while waiting. And it just goes in a cirlce, over and over and over.

During my time playing these games, you have to solicit to your friends to add the application to their myspace in order to build your mob or mafia, or whatever other game you have. There is also Rockstar, Dragon Wars, Pirates and so on. They are all the same basically, just themed. So if you are not into pirates but are into dragons, then you would want to have Dragon Wars.

Not only do you solicit to your friends, but you send out a bulletin and plaster your friends comment walls with join me comments. And if your friends don’t want to join or have the applications blocked, there is always the internet. There are many “Friend Trains” out there. You post your link to your myspace and people can add you as friends and then they are joined in your mob/mafia, etc.

When I first started the game, I had no idea what I was doing. It is unlike me to play games online or on the computer, for that matter.

I am the kind of girl who’s favorites are and likes to play Solitaire, Checkers, TextTwist, Frogger, PacMan, Lemmings and Rayman. So this is on the other end of the scope. I was given Godfather points when I first signed up and since I didn’t know what I was doing, what the name of the strategy was and so on, I was clicking around and seeing what everything was doing. I had no idea that I had severely put myself immediately at a disadvantage.

Another dumb thing that I did was sell my properties and equipment to make money to buy something bigger. When you sell your properties and equipment, you only get HALF of it back, not the full amount.

While playing the games, I tend to get “Click Happy” and you need to keep your wits about you while playing. Don’t click on a mob/mafia that has more members than yours, it is a sure way to go to the hospital or die.

This is all I can think of for right now, but as I think of stuff, I will add it to THIS post, so that all my bits and pieces will be in one spot, on one post for everyone to hopefully benefit from.

A few strategies and things to remember that I have realised while playing are:

1. Don’t sit there while waiting for your energy to renew. It takes about 300 seconds/5 minutes for your energy to renew by one point, 120 seconds/2 minutes for your stamina to renew by one point, 180 seconds/3 minutes for your health to renew by one point.

2. Since I am playing both, Mobsters and Mafia Wars, I need to be careful not to confuse the amount of mobsters/mafia I can fight. I have done that, and you will lose your energy and go to the hospital very quickly.

3. When you go to the hospital, it costs money. So make sure that if you are going to go to the hospital to fight again, make it worth your money and time. Otherwise, you will spend all your money at the hospital and make nothing.

4. I haven’t quite figured out which strategy is better. To invest in properties, which will give you a cashflow every hour or to invest in vehicles, which help give you strength and defense. Investing in vehicles also cost you money every hour for vehicle upkeep and is deducted from your hourly cashflow.

5. A very important reminder which should have been number one is the Godfather. For 10 Godfather points gets you either money, energy or a member. You get these by signing up for spam. That’s right, Spam. You know all those free credit reports, Columbia House DVD’s, Get a free loan and the list goes on. Well, by signing up for those will get you some Godfather points.

6. Friend Trains, or rather in the game they are called Mobster Trains. Same idea, different name. You need to give out your myspace profile name and make sure that your profile is public and if you want even more “friends” to play your game with, you should turn off the captchas. I however, have not turned off my captcha. This weeds out the people not willing to take the time to type in a few simple letters and numbers. I think of it as “weeding” members.

7. As you scour the internet for the friend trains, you will run into alot of people who swear that they found cheats for the game. But if you discover for yourself, there are none. They supposedly used to exist, but then they caught on and fixed the glitches.

8. When you sell your properties and equipment, you only get HALF of it back, not the full amount.

9. Don’t click on a mob/mafia that has more members than yours, it is a sure way to go to the hospital or die.


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